Ultimate Guide to Pocket Friendly Gifts

Ultimate Guide to Pocket Friendly Gifts

The timeless quest for the ideal gift remains a never ending challenge, and understanding the art of selection is key. At OneByTwo, we adhere to the principle of 'quality over quantity' as our guiding mantra. Identifying the occasion, setting a budget, and understanding the recipient's preferences are the three essential checkboxes to refine options amidst a sea of choices. Ideally every present should be a testament to the idea that sometimes, it's the smallest things that bring the greatest joy.

Our handcrafted furniture and lifestyle products at OneByTwo emerge as splendid gift choices for many occasions. Explore this curated list and discover the perfect present that seamlessly combines quality, thoughtful design, and affordability. 




1. Turtle Bells


These metal turtle pairs make for a perfect house warming gift. Feng Shui practice consideres turtle as a powerful symbol of good luck and wealth. The legs make a sweet sound on ringing,which adds to the ambience !


2. Peak Tray


Know someone who likes to keep their bedside, dresser or study table clutter free?. Then our 'Peak Tray' is the to go present. The sleak design and the wooden grains makes it an appealing accessory for any corner. 


3. Jumbo


Who doesnt like elephants? Especialy when they look as cute as that. These wooden elephants are not only perfect decor pieces, but they also provie that slit tail to put your notes, photos etc. It is a perfect set for any occasion big or small !


4. Orbit and Stem Vase 


Bored of gifting bouquets? Step up your game with our vases collection. Adorn it with dry flowers and gift it as a set to deck up any corner of a workplace or residence. 


5. Trinket Box 


Organizers and trinkets make for a very practcal and toughtful gift for any occsion. To make it more happening, our trinket is made out of metal and comes in colours. 


6. Groovy Stationery Set 


Groovy Stationery Set is the go to for any stationery lovers. Gift it on occasions like promotions, office openings or new beginnings. The eye catching design definitly makes it a memorable gift !



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