Our Story

  • It takes two to tango ! but for all the right reasons here at onebytwo. At every step we strive to create aesthetic, affordable yet unique designs by bringing together more than one....

    All our products are a result of more than one use case, material or a collaboration with other artists or designers.

  • Drishti Patel (left)

    Meet Drishti Patel, a finance graduate, design enthusiast, and a travel junkie. She's the mastermind behind our precision-crafted furniture, where OCD meets artistry. With Drishti, expect perfection and endless innovation!

  • Kahinee Shah (right)

    A city planner turned creative dynamo! Beyond design, she's a music, art and sports enthusiast. Kahinee thrives on pushing boundaries, from unique materials to inventive furniture, always seeking ways to break the mold !