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Etsi Chair

Etsi Chair

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A classic reclining chair, ETSI is all about creating possibilities with one chair ! The adjusting back support allows you to use the chair for all purposes from reading, resting to lounging !


Solid Teak Wood and Mild Steel


27" (L) x 29" (B) x 36" (H)

Care information

Daily Care

For daily care, we recommend daily dusting, and occasionally wiping down the wooden surfaces with a mildly damp soft towel. Avoid placing drinks or hot food directly onto the hardwood surfaces. Please use table linen or coasters for this. Some laptops that generate a lot of heat can also damage wooden surfaces

Seasonal Care

Due to the heavy moisture , during monsoon and in tropical areas, some type of hardwoods can experience swelling. In most cases this is repairable after the end of the rains with the help of a skilled carpenter.

It is really important to keep all our furniture protected from direct sunlight, water, and too much moisture. No handmade furniture with natural materials can truly survive our outdoor climate, so we recommend you use all our furniture indoors, unless expressly advised or for short periods of time.

Handling Care

Avoid dropping furniture on its feet or against corners, and avoid rocking back or sitting heavily on seating, as this might damage the structural integrity of the piece. When shifting or moving furniture do ensure it is packed securely with the corners given extra protection. It is best to ensure a professional packs and moves your furniture.

Upholstered Furniture

We recommend regular dusting and vaccuming of upholstered furniture.

Metal Furniture

Our metal furniture is treated with various finishes, including powder coating, clear coating, or natural finishes.

Metal furniture must be kept in a cool and dry environment to avoid corrosion.

Dust metal furniture daily and wipe with a soft damp towel. Do not use any chemical or cleaning solution as there is a chance of corrosion.

Avoid placing keys, sharp objects, or glasses directly on the metal surface as it may cause scratching.

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Furniture items and lifestyle products may take up to 3 weeks to deliver if in stock, and 4-5 weeks to deliver if under production.

Product Variation

Colors are represented as accurately as possible but may vary slightly from what is seen on screen

  • Handcrafted in India
  • Made using solid teakwood
  • Secure Payment
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